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Yup, I decided I'll move over to aureliamorgan.

I like that name better, it's beautiful. And it's not with negative connotations like this one. I've had this one since 2004. It's time for a new beginning.


Just übergangsweise.
Because LJ is being a bitch, I can't change my layout quick enough to not let my LJ look like crap... so this is why I'm using this theme now until I have another layout... :]

I have beaten Pokémon White today and I love this game. More than I love any previous Pokémon game, and I say this being one of those who played the first Gen of Pokémon back then in their childhood.
But what makes Pokémon White (and Black) great is the lengthy, thorough and dark story-line. You don't have this in any other Pokémon game, not this amount of enemy encounters like Team Plasma. They were fricken everywhere!
I am playing Pokémon SoulSilver, too, because I bought it along with my Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon White. (Yeah, that's right, I have a cute little Aqua Blue 3DS called Samus. I love her. *^*) And I noticed, playing SoulSilver, that there isn't as much plot as there is in White. But nevertheless, I enjoy SoulSilver because of the nostalgia. Just like Red/Blue/Yellow. Just like the original Gold/Silver/Crystal.
And besides, I raised a fricken Magikarp from level 10 to level 20 to have a cute Gyarados. I think it's over level 20 now, though. It is called Mei Ling. XD'
Seriously, I am right now, regarding my sweet technology, the happiest person. I payed 222€ for the 3DS alone (that's about 315$... sounds like a lot, but I actually saved 25€. Plus Pokémon it was 265€ which is a totally reasonable price for me...) because the 3DS now costs 239€ on Amazon again... and... when I found out I was like "WOOOOHOOOOO!!! =DD"

The reasons I bought all these things were:
1. The 3DS's price decreased (from 249€ to 222€ on Amazon)
2. My friends play Pokémon White/Black
3. SoulSilver was 50% cheaper buying it together with Black or White. And because Su already owns Black, Sei owns White and her brother owns Black, I bought White. Because Su owns HeartGold and Sei owns both, I bought SoulSilver. So we have all of them twice, so to speak.

Ah. Yeah. Regarding school... it sucks, two more weeks and classes are over. I care more for my sweet little babies ...i.e. my technology.
And Su's upcoming birthday. And epic Pokémon stuff.

So anyway, I wish you all a good night. I ought to be going to bed, AAACTUALLYYYYYY. :/

Samus is still rawr.
Yesterday I started playing Metroid Prime from the beginning on the next difficulty level.
I failed badly while fighting the insect mechanoid, so I stopped playing and resumed it today.
Got pretty far, I already collected the Missiles, Morph Ball, Charge Beam, Morph Ball Bombs and Varia Suit. Some Missile Containers and an Energy Tank, too.

Now I have to go down into Magmoor's Cave (or something like that :/), but since I took another route, I have to go back through the Chozo Ruins to get there. I can't access them from Tallon Overworld... (I'll probably check out the other areas first, though.)
I have collected some more data on the alien species there, too. I will get that 100% Ending for sure this time! I won't miss the Omega Pirate data again!

Anyway, I also have come quite far in reading the Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty novel. Page 201/309. I'm glad it arrived last Saturday, I started reading the first novel again because I needed to read something MGS-related. XD

Uh, I guess that's it. I need to post more often, but I always say and never do it. :/

I forgot something... something important.
I have also finished Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption; though I finished Corruption before Echoes, but only a few hours before, so it's as if I played it in the correct order. (which I actually did, but ... well...).
Anyway, knowing where to search for the Sky Temple Keys made it easier to find them. And after I had the Sky Temple Keys, which honestly hindered me from playing further, it was just some more final bosses. Aww I love Dark Samus.
People say the final boss fight against her in Corruption seemed rushed, but I liked it.
In Echoes, the planet exploded (8 minutes countdown) before I could beat her... but I did not have to beat the Ing leader again so I tried a second time and beat her.
In Corruption, I defeated her and the Aurora Unit on the first try.

Samus's farewell to the Luminoths was awesome... she just walked by them and raised her hand.
The thumbs-up sign she gave Admiral Dane was also cute. And her message: "Mission Complete" after they had lost contact with her when Phaaze explode (seriously, why does every planet have to explode? ... Zebes, too.)

I still haven't finished Metroid: Other M on Hard Mode... because I die all the time. I mean, come on, only one health bar and 10 missiles? That's tough. But I will beat this sometime, too. ♥

Metal Gear Solid + I cannot find a title D;
So I finished playing Metal Gear Solid with the Otacon ending in about 11 hours on Easy. This and because my brother offered me to have his PS2 that my second eldest brother has at the moment, but wants to bring it over to my place soon caused me to buy Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 despite the fact that I will buy MGS3 for 3DS, too. I mean, I've got three versions of Ocarina of Time, so two versions of another great game aren't too much, are they? :3
Anyway. The plot of MGS is mindfuck and I was like "DDDDDD=" when Liquid explained the Les Enfants Terribles project to Snake. I also loved Snake's and Otacon's talk on the snow mobile... :3
I have rarely played a game that teaches me so much about life. It was/is awesome. I'm so glad I snagged my sister's PS1 and I'm even... gladder? XD happier my brother (the one who currently has the PS2, the second eldest) had MGS. My brother used to own a PS1, too, but sold it many, many years ago. So we got all his games.

After finishing my a little sad short story, and after playing MGS, I want to write something positive now. Nevertheless, I still need to find a title for said short story... but I am horrible at finding a title. The title I have/had for the novel I wrote and want to re-write did not sound that nice either.

MGS2 and MGS3 should arrive within the next two days. Either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow (I still think "over-tomorrow" sounds better, is shorter and makes more sense... to me. XD)
But I have no PS2 yet... and both my brother and my sister-in-law, who is, amusingly enough, a paralegal, work until late tomorrow, so I can't go and steal it waaaaaaait I could because they said when I called but they weren't at home and re-called later that evening that if they weren't at home at the time I could come over they could put the PS2 and its stuff in front of their door in the corridor and I can take it with me.
Yes, that is one sentence, and no, I can't write short sentences. :3
You see, here I write as I talk. Try paying attention when I talk in 5-line-long sentences. :3

Anyway... I'm done. Good evening, mesdames et messieurs.

Colonel, what's gotten into you? D=
Today I continued playing Metal Gear Solid. I was "stuck" searching for the PSG1. Actually, I was just lazy searching for it. The way down to the Armory wasn't that bad (the first time I went there in search for the rifle, I was too hot-headed and was killed by the guards. :/
Anyway, I took the time to go get the PGS1 and because I was paranoid, I saved in every new area (I even went back from the armory after collecting ammo and rations to save my progress... XD')

I failed once trying to hit Sniper Wolf because I had to figure out how the PSG1 works...
If you don't take Diazepam, Snake trembles terribly and cannot aim properly. That's... kinda cute. :3
However, I defeated Sniper Wolf on my second try.

A loooong cutscene followed and then some torture by Revolver Ocelot... but... but I gave in and now Meryl's dead... D; well she would be but I shut the PS1 down. I want to save her.
I talked to Colonel and Naomi after I gave up and just listened to them and Snake talking (...Snake... he's so cute awww ;3;)
They talked about their families and friends... and... Snake has a weird definition of "friend".
He and Gray Fox tried to kill each other on the battlefield, but Snake still considered him a friend because it was nothing personal. :3

I stopped playing after they had finished talking.

One funny thing... I was in the med room... there was a guard yelling at me and I didn't know what to do, so I crawled under the bed and the guard yelled "What are you doing?!" XD'

As soon as my brother gets back from Görlitz, I need to ask him about my eldest brother's PS2 that he has at the moment. I need to play Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater.

I'm probably the only one thinking this is funny.
But I always imagine Leon actually said yesCollapse )

da comic I drawed
Before I will put it up on dA, I'll post this here, too... I am actually too lazy to put it on one page to upload it to dA, so this has to wait.

Cut because it's ...huuuuuuuge Aww God makes me want to play Darkside Chronicles...Collapse )

Hmh Peanuts.
Things will become more interesting when I'll come to the "Missions with Samus" parts.
I should have began at the "Already spent some time at the GF HQ but met Samus the first time". Well, too late now. :]

I have created the new account with said name


and have already written the first entry. w00t.